Samsung Electronics (“Samsung”) Knox offers a comprehensive mobile security solution for business and personal use by providing additional security and protection for the Android operating system. In addition, it provides enhanced security for your device by offering an automatic update service for its Security Enhanced (SE) for Android. This automatic update service will continuously update new security policies to detect and counteract new malicious code, and other security risks on your device.(※You may incur a mobile data charge from your carrier.) You also understand and agree to the mechanism that routes network data traffic through a proxy server or VPN gateway by default.

Samsung will collect, use your information to provide these services.
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1. Personal Information Collected
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") collects the personal information stated below from users when they use services for the first time. The user is entitled to not give their consent to the collection/use of their "personal information other than the required minimum information in accordance with this Consent Form for Collection/Use of Personal Information.

- Requirements: Samsung Knox License Key, "IMEI", "Serial Number or "ADB Number in hashed form, MODEL description/name of your mobile device, device OS Version / Build Number, MCC (Mobile Country code), MNC (Mobile network code), Country ISO code, CSC code (customer software configuration), Client Timezone, Knox SDK Version, Knox SDK API usage time / frequency, Package name / version / hash data of B2B Application which uses knox SDK, Samsung knox Container ID / status / activation time / entrance count, access records, Knox resettable ID(random generation) and configured result/time of device configuration.

2. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information
The Company uses the personal information collected for service provision (service activation), product and service improvement, or statistical purposes.

3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
In principle, where the purpose of the collection and use of a user's personal information is fulfilled, the Company shall destroy the relevant information without delay. If the information needs to be retained pursuant to related laws, however, the Company retains it for the time periods prescribed by the laws. This information is not used for other purposes.

※ You may refuse to consent to your personal information being collected/used. However, this personal information is essential for service provision, and so if you refuse consent you may not be able to use the service.
※ Please refer to the “Data Protection Policy” available at for details on the handling and processing of personal information. However, in case of any discrepancy between the company's privacy policy and this consent form, this consent form shall prevail.